Hi there, it’s Jen here.

Think of me as your literary Siri.

TL;DR: I’m Jen, and I’m here to answer any questions, address any learning challenges, and assist with any reading, writing or literary learning needs you may have.

That’s all you need to know about me for now, really. Some people call me Jenny from the Block, but the nerdier, wordier, and less terpsichorean version.

There are probably worse things to live with.

If it matters at all, I graduated from the University of Oxford with a First Class Honours degree in English Language and Literature.

I spent most of my time there being holed up in libraries, annotating poems, and sneaking in the odd marginalia whenever I thought scary librarians weren’t looking.

Who is this blog for?

If you’re studying English, reading a book, or writing an essay (and want some help), you’ve come to the right place.

Do the following questions sound familiar?

  • I don’t really know what this poem / novel means… it’s confusing.
  • How do I spot literary devices in a poem (and not just fall back on simile and metaphor every time)?
  • How am I supposed to ‘analyse the author’s use of language’? Like, don’t authors just, use words to write and stuff or whatever?
  • I’m struggling to express my thoughts… how do you even begin to write a 1000-word essay?
  • Are novels, poems and plays supposed to be this hard?

Well, fret not – you’re in luck, because Hyperbolit is where you can find the answer to those questions (and more, much more).

If you don’t find what you need and want me to write a post on a specific topic related to English language and literature (literary devices, reading skills, writing techniques etc.), drop me a message on the Contact page and I’ll try my best to get on it!

Good luck, have fun and happy learning!

Start here.

— Miss Jen